How to Own a TC

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How to Own a Tutoring Club

Shape the future in your community,

one mind at a time.

It’s Your Business.

You have the freedom to create your own distinct environment while staying true to the Tutoring Club mission. Implement a flexible schedule of your choosing, build and manage your own team, and create customized academic plans for students based on situation.

You’re Part of the Club.

We stay with you every step of the way, from initial training at our corporate headquarters to ongoing education in all aspects of franchise management. Your support network includes your fellow franchisees, many of whom have owned their locations for more than a decade.

You’re an Agent of Change.

As a mentor and educator, you play an active role in changing your community one student at a time. Tutoring Club provides the platform to partner with other leaders in your community to foster progress.

Your Service Matters.

We are in the business of making better learners. While this certainly can yield a substantial bottom line, it also has a substantial impact on the lives of our students and their families, as well as the welfare of our communities.

There’s Never a Dull Moment.

With programs that focus on early learning through full-service college planning, there is no such thing as a stale routine. At Tutoring Club, every day is different because every student is different.

You Hit the Ground Running.

We want you to experience financial success as soon as possible, so we keep our startup costs low. The Tutoring Club model requires little build out, and the equipment needed to run your center is far from cost prohibitive.

We Believe in Work-Life Balance.

Our service is flexible in every sense of the word. With Tutoring Club, you enjoy the same schedule as your local schools, giving you time to enjoy life outside of the workplace.

You Spend Time with People, Not Supplies.

Our service is dependent on people, not merchandise. Compared to most franchise models, Tutoring Club requires very little management of inventory.

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