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Grade Levels Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade

Kindergarten through 3rd grade are the “learning to read years.” Mastering phonics will increase each child’s ability to decode words. Exposure to vocabulary enhances his or her ability to comprehend. Comprehension is critical because it is the foundation for reading, which builds upon phonics, decoding, and vocabulary.

Mastering basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts are crucial for a student in these grades. Basic math facts are a foundational necessity to successfully transition into learning concepts like fractions, decimals, and other higher-level math skills.

By 3rd grade, students are expected to be able to edit their own writing for essential skills such as grammar, capitalization, punctuation and sentence structure. They must know how to create pieces of writing with complex sentences and creative ideas. Also, students need to be able to write a paragraph with a topic sentence, supporting details, and a conclusion.

Having all these skills is a must for a successful transition to 4th grade!

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