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Local Club Info:


13319 Poway Rd.
Poway, CA 92064
Director: Rachel Camarero
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Club Hours

Hours: Monday-Thursday 2:30-7:30 P.M. Saturdays 9 a.m-12 p.m.

Guaranteed to improve academic performance in less time and at a lower cost than any other program.

Tutoring for students of all academic levels, kindergarten through 12th grade. Tutoring Club offers individualized instruction with tutors in our exclusive TutorAid programs for math, reading, writing, SAT and ACT preparation, study skills, and more. Ask about our Tutoring Club guarantee!

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  • Help throughout the school years 
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  • The Tutoring Club of Poway has had a significant and measurable effect on the academic progress of my four high school age children.  We first sought tutoring assistance for my oldest daughter as she prepared for her SAT and ACT exams.  Although she did well with most of her her school assignments, it was clear that test taking could be a problem area for her depending on the subject matter, format, and style of the test.  The assistance she received preparing for the college exams not only helped boost her college test scores but also provided some secondary benefit while taking the normal classroom quizzes and tests.  We could see incremental progress in her testing scores as she rose nearly a full letter grade in some of her core subjects.  My other three children have used the Tutoring Club for help with specific subject areas, including chemistry, geometry, and writing/composition…often switching between subjects depending on the difficulty of the lesson being taught in their classrooms.  The tutors are very flexible with the kids and encourage them to bring homework, test prep worksheets, and actual quiz results in order to explain a concept that is causing them some difficulty or to simply prepare for an upcoming test.  The Tutoring Club of Poway has attracted some very accomplished subject matter experts, but more important than the knowledge they possess is their ability to work with students in a way that provides individualized one-on-one tutoring in a small group setting.  All of my children have told me of specific cases in which confusion over a lesson presented in their high school class was clearly explained during their tutoring session.  And it makes life so much easier for them when they are able to prepare for quizzes and tests with a tutor the night before.  I’ve often thought how lucky we’ve been to have the Tutoring Club available to us because the alternative of finding the right tutor, at the right time, for the right price can be difficult under the best of circumstances.  We’re fortunate in our community to have a resource such as this; I only wish more kids were able to take advantange of it because I think the impact could be dramatic, particularly among children that have the potential but are struggling.   Steve M. 
  • My daughter has been going to the Poway TC from 8th grade to the present (10th grade).  She went from having  nearly failing grades and really poor personal organization, to straight A's and she is now undertaking AP classes as well as a busy sports schedule.  The TC staff seems to do very well at finding what works to get these kids focused on their learning career, and their 0% financing options were a lifesaver to a family like ours.  It has been money well spent, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  Dawn O. 
  • Tutoring Club has been so awesome to my son. They have been working with him since the end of 8th grade, he is now a senior at SRHS and may I add he got a 4.0 last semester and a 5 on his AP English test. In the 8th grade my son was struggling in pre algebra he was at an F the last 3 months before school was ending. Steve and Rachel and the Staff at Tutoring Club helped him raise his grade to a high B and he won a math award at the 8th grade awards ceremony. We continued throughout high school and Tutoring Club helped him maintain above average grades A's and B's throughout High school.They also have helped him prepare for the SAT and ACT.  The tutors are consistent and know my son. My son feels comfortable and safe there and knows they will work with him  until he learns the material.  Rachel is amazing they have always worked with me, as I am a flight attendant and they have allowed flexibility with my schedule. I feel that Tutoring Club has prepared him to be an excellent college student. I am so thankful that I called Tutoring Club all those years ago. I would recommend Tutoring Club 110% to anyone. They will absolutely help your child's current situation and make you feel hopeful about your child's future!  Cynthia A. 
  • Poway Tutoring Club is excellent.  My daughter has been going there for the last two years.  Initially she was having trouble in math and was just about failing.  I went in and spoke to Rachel, the director, who was very patient and sat with me while I explained what was going on.  She assured me that they would help my daughter in every way possible.  She and the tutors have been very proactive to help stay on top of all of my daughter's needs.  My daughter's grades greatly improved.  She is currently working with them for ACT and SAT prep and they have been nothing but outstanding.  Rachel follows up with me to make sure I have my daughter scheduled for the tests so I don't mess up and miss the deadlines to register.  This is definitely over and above their  tutoring responsibilities.    Rachel is very patient, calm and respectful.  We are very satisfied customers.  It has been worth every penny!    Ruth M.
  • TUTORING CLUB OF POWAY IS AWESOME!!!!  My son began after his GATE classes ended at Westwood Elementary around the age 10 and is now 17. Originally i I wanted him to adjust to middle school a little more smoothly so we did the summer bridging program. That was the beginning of our incredible relationship and he has never looked back only forward. He is an avid reader and a good STAR tester as well.  At the time he was also playing competitive soccer for a local soccer club, which he continued for several years as well as playing recreational indoor soccer on friday nights. The Tutoring staff SUMMER, STEVE, RACHEL, SEAN, ANDREW, JAVIER, KIM, CHARLOTTE, etc etc were so cooperative.  Often times, my son had so much homework and along with practices, tournaments both in San Diego and out of town, he always knew he had Tutoring Club behind him.  My son Gabe is now a senior at RBHS and in the year 2007 we lost our family home to the Guejito fire that hit the Westwood area pretty extensively. While we were devastated, Tutoring Club was his safe haven.  He had friends there, felt comfortable with the staff and he knew his best interests as well as those of our entire family were in their hearts.  He is off the charts right now.  He has taken the SAT 2 times and is planning on the 3rd time in October to better the average of the scores.  He took 5 AP classes last year only because RBHS didn't offer AP Spanish or it would have been 6 AP classes.  Along with his classwork, he was doing 6 1/2 Speech and Debate classes which involved weekends and long hours. In the midst of it all, he also took the ACT/SAT prep course and was quite pleased to refer some of his friends to the Tutoring Club.  His ACT was pretty high and he is being recruited by some pretty high rated universities from across the country and locally. He is currently taking 5 AP courses such as AP Psychology, AP Government, AP Calculus (2nd year),AP English Literature, AP Biology an d Speech and Debate class (where he is the Captain of the Exempt team). He was just named an AP Scholar for his accomplisments and also been named as a National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar due to his PSAT/SAT scores and his GPA.  
    As a side note we even had our older daughter who was enrolled at CSUMB take a few sessions because her marine biology major required a math course which she anticipated problems in during her summer off.  But she took a few sessions and graduated this past spring with HONORS. 
    I cannot sing the praises of Tutoring Club any louder and encourage anyone and everyone to send their child there.  

    Lori H.
  • My daughter has been attending Tutoring Club for 3 years and it's really helped her with math and Spanish. The tutors seem to work well with her learning style and her grades reflect this, she did really well in classes we were afraid she wouldn't get through. We've been very happy with the service and plan on continuing until she finishes high school.  Kathy J. 


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