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Naturally, you can count on Tutoring Club for help with school courses. From everyday assignments to research projects to test preparation, we make sure that students stay on schedule, understand the material, and perform at a level that they (and you) can be proud of. These are just a few of the courses that we cover:

• Algebra 1
• Algebra 2
• Trigonometry
• Geometry
• Pre-calculus (Honors)
• Calculus (AP)
• Statistics (AP)
• Physical Science
• Earth Science
• Biology (AP)
• Chemistry (AP)
• Physics (AP)
• Environmental Science (AP)
• Spanish (AP)
• Standard and Honors-Level English Courses
• Essays
• Projects
• Exams
• Geography (Honors)
• World History
• Euro (AP)
• U.S. History (AP)
• Government (AP)
• Economics (AP)
Tutoring Club light-blue-line


Advancing skill levels and improving grades represents only a fraction of what we do: there is much more to ‘tutoring’ than most would assume. As your support system, we serve your family both inside and outside of our centers.

We make test results simple.

Confused by Common Core? Stumped by your student’s report card? You are not alone, and that’s why we educate families on the Common Core State Standards and variations in local curricula. What’s more, we partner with the school to maintain open lines of communication that aid your understanding of what is happening in your student’s classroom. Our administrators can even take this partnership one step further by attending parent-teacher conferences and response-to-intervention meetings—our aim is to bridge the gap between home and school.

We make transitions easy.

The dense workloads and ever-changing schedules of pre-teen and teenage students can be overwhelming. By acting as an intermediary between parent and student, we eliminate the late nights and unwanted stress that comes with more challenging homework assignments and more demanding examinations. Beyond the fine details, we impart the traits of successful high school students in students of all ages; plain and simple, we do this so students do not fear or struggle with the transitions from elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school, or high school to college.

We make study skills mandatory.

Learning how to study is as important as studying itself. From organizational skills — like refining agendas and planning time amidst other activities — to learning how to be a successful competitor in the “game” of school, we impart both the structure and technique to maximize student potential within the rigors of high school and beyond. Checking grades, limiting distractions, and developing strong rapports with teachers are just some of practices that we instill in our students to make learning a priority, not an afterthought.