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Tutoring Club of Valencia will help your child on their way to success regardless of their skill level. Whether your student needs help with the fundamentals, math, reading, writing, or even SAT & ACT Prep, our tutors will get them pointed in the right direction with all the guidance they need. Our individualized approach targets your student's weak points and improves them, bringing their ability up to the set goals. By covering key points at the student's own pace, we allow them to flourish and learn at a stimulating and rewarding rate.

Summer Camp Programs 2017 - Don’t Lose Ground This Summer

Imagine training an athlete for nine months, getting them to the perfect level of conditioning...then telling them to take three months off and do nothing! Now, imagine getting them back on the field of competition at the end of those three months and expecting them to perform at their training peak. While every good coach will build varying levels of intensity into their training programs, none would ever recommend extended periods in which not even minimal skills are practiced.

Ironically, however, this is the very thing that parents routinely do over summer vacation. This can have profound consequences on the ability of children to remain at or above grade level in critical academic areas. Studies have shown that, on average, students lose nearly 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the summer months: nearly one third of a school year! The same thing can happen with reading and writing skills. Parents can do a lot for their children during the summer to keep their interest in learning alive. It is easy to underestimate the academic progress that can be made with even a few hours of tutoring each week during these months.

The Tutoring Club provides the setting and expertise to develop and maintain academic skills over the summer months. Tutoring can help a child return to school with increased confidence, and a greater likelihood of quickly picking up and moving past the academic level they were at when summer began.

For more information call Tutoring Club @ 661-702-9956

Valencia, CA School Support

In Valencia, it can sometimes be difficult to find a good tutor that can help a student with their homework and prepare for tests in a constructive manner. At the Tutoring Club of Valencia we pride ourselves on choosing and thoroughly vetting only the best tutors. These tutors are experienced and knowledgeable in their skill areas and can provide vital assistance to your student whether they are struggling with particular homework problems, needing a refresher before a test, or just wants to get more practice in before a final.

College Prep Program at Valencia, CA

If you have a student that is getting ready for college, we are no strangers to preparing soon-to-be freshmen with the knowledge that they need to succeed in the busy and challenging life of college with our College Prep Program. Valencia Tutoring Club has skilled tutors, many of which have degrees or other experience in their areas.

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Testimonials from parents and students

L.S. Five Star Review
My daughter pulled her middle-school grades up from Bs and Cs to straight As. She has such a positive attitude about school, is now on top of all her homework (as opposed to last year’s constant homework battles), and has improved in her academic skills tremendously.

D.L. Five Star Review
My daughter has gone from struggling in class to bringing home all As and Bs. It has completely transformed her from a shy student into an outgoing and confident learner.


Jerry Clark Academic Director

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