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For many students and their families, the college application process is overwhelming. TC eases the guesswork and anxiety out of this and helps guide your family through the intricacies with ease.

For many students and their families, the college application process is overwhelming. Admissions are more restrictive than ever and – with so many hurdles to clear – there is no such thing as being over-prepared. Our College Prep Program provides the resources and guidance to navigate the application process confidently from A to Z. We begin with the finalization of a school list and then advance to application strategy, major selection, essay development, financial aid applications, and everything in between. With Tutoring Club as your partner on the path to higher education, your sanity remains intact while your student makes the best possible impression on the colleges of their choice. Our goal is the same as yours: witness the incredible thrill of your student opening the acceptance letter to the school of their dreams.

We Provide Assistance With:

  • Selecting a ‘Mix’ of Schools
  • Major Selection
  • Application Strategy
  • Essay Writing
  • Application Portals
  • Aid & Scholarships
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