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Tutoring Club of Bend, OR

The Tutoring Club of Bend is a full-service tutoring center with programs based on customized, individualized instruction for students at all academic levels from kindergarten through college.

Though we specialize in reading, math (from the basics through calculus), writing, study skills, and SAT/ACT preparation, parents are thrilled to learn that we can also give middle and high school students tutoring in almost ANY class - biology, chemistry, physics, history, English, and more.

Our tutors are degreed subject experts who have the unique skills and personalities to tutor your child quickly and effectively, regardless of his or her learning style, current situation, or grade level ability.

Tutoring Club uses the most advanced curriculum in tutoring combined with a positive learning environment, resulting in more learning per hour.

Tutoring Club is the kind of place kids like to be -- and thrive in! We maintain a low student-to-tutor ratio, so every student receives a wealth of individualized instruction from qualified tutors who are committed to your student’s success at each grade level.

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Monday-Thursday 2:00-7:00 P.M. excluding holidays



745 Mt. Washington Dr. #203
Bend, OR 97703

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Testimonials from parents and students

Camille H. Five Star Review
I've been really pleased with the Tutoring Club.  Brian runs a great crew that have been of tremendous help to both of my kids.  My daughter was there for a period in fifth grade for help with math, my son for his freshman year helping him acclimate. The staff is really in tune with the kids, regardless of age and needs.  My kids didn't always have the same tutor (mostly they did), but when they had someone "new", things didn't skip a beat. I think that the staff are in the loop on what's going on in the school district and the various demands the different schools have. While my kids weren't thrilled with having to go to tutoring, I think they thought it was okay.  There wasn't any sort of pushback on going.  The feedback I got from my kids after their sessions was that they were good, helpful, worth the time. The staff are clearly well trained.  They specifically know how to approach children of various ages with differing degrees of need.  If there is a test, they know how to prep them for a test.  If they need to review, they review.   If there is homework, the homework gets done with the kid walking away understanding what they just completed. While I have the time to help my kids, I find that having an "outsider" helps avoid all of the nonsense that kids often pull with parents.  They have a better attitude.  I think this is because of the lack of familiarity and they can't use their usual excuses about why they can't do something, or don't want to, or don't get it.  They are game on and want to make a good impression. I'm very pleased with Tutoring Club and will continue to use them as the need arises.


Brian Wasserman Academic Director

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Club Events

  • Reservations for the 2017/2018 school year open on August 15th.
  • Due to the eclipse and projected traffic congestion, the Tutoring Club will be closed Monday, August 21st and Tuesday, August 22nd.