Who We Are

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From early learning to college preparation,
Tutoring Club provides the resources and opportunity for every student to become a confident, self-motivated learner for life.

Founded in 1991, Tutoring Club is an education center built on the idea of providing long-term, individualized academic assistance to students of all ages and abilities. With locations nationwide, every Tutoring Club offers a friendly, welcoming environment and a dedicated staff that prepares students to thrive in any academic setting. Our commitment to improving performance and building confidence has made us trusted, longstanding members of the communities we serve. From early learning to college preparation, we are your partner for every step of the academic journey.


Since there is much more to academic performance than what happens in the classroom, we make a point of getting to know your student on a personal level. Individualized support is key, which is why we work together to create a customized game plan from the very beginning.


Our administrators check in with your student every step of the way to make sure that we provide the best academic support possible. To keep all involved parties updated on student progress, we set both short-term and long-term goals from the outset. What’s more, we collect and analyze both qualitative and quantitative information — from behavioral observations to exam performance — and include your family in the conversation every step of the way.


Key to creating better learners is providing enriching educational experiences for students of all ability levels. Whether behind or ahead, there are always new challenges to be tackled. Our dedication to long-term academic success means that we strive to improve performance, build lasting confidence, and bring out the best in students at every stage of their academic career.


Standards have never been higher and we understand that this can make school extremely stressful for your family. Too many students are set up for academic hardship by disconnects in the education system; the skills emphasized in early education — task completion, moving quickly from one job to the next — become less helpful to those in middle school and high school. Instead, complex subject matter takes over and critical-thinking skills are key for older students. Unfortunately, when the focus shifts, even the highest achievers in regimented environments can fall behind.


Why are students who perform well on standardized tests less successful on subject-specific exams? In short, the problem is the way that the school system prioritizes educational resources. As students are bombarded with ever-changing expectations and held to progressively more ambitious standards, moderate performers rarely get the attention they deserve. These students often fail to cultivate study habits that will prepare them for real academic challenges, leaving them prone to falling through the cracks.


After twenty-five years of working with students across the country, Tutoring Club has the experience and knowledge to provide the best possible academic support. We aim to make better learners, not better task-completers.