Whiteboard Tutorial

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Read Time: 2 minutes

Welcome to your personal TC Whiteboard

The whiteboard is an essential part of your TC Online experience, and where you will do most of your work with your tutor. You can access the whiteboard from your TC Online Portal, and also in your tutoring session! The short walk-through below will show you everything you need to know to get the most out of your sessions!

Important Tools

  • Select – This lets you click on things placed on the whiteboard.
  • Draw – This will let you draw on the whiteboard with your mouse (or with your finger if you have a touchscreen).
  • Text – For when you just want to type on the screen.
  • Laser Pointer – This will let you point things out to other users by clicking and holding the mouse button on the screen.
  • Delete – This allows you to remove things from the whiteboard (you can also use the delete key on your keyboard).

Uploading Work

If you need to work on a school assignment, you can select a file from your computer by clicking here. You can upload any of these file types:

  • Images (jpg or png)
  • PDFs
  • Word Documents
  • PowerPoint documents


After you place some things on the whiteboard, you might need to move around the screen a bit.

  • Pan – This tool will let you click and drag around the screen so you can work on different parts of the whiteboard. If you only want to move up and down, you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse too!
  • Zoom – If you need to zoom in or out to see something, you can drag the blue dot to change the Zoom.
  • Reset Zoom – Don’t worry if you get lost on the page, you can always get back to the starting point by clicking the Reset Zoom button!

That’s It!

There are many other tools, but most of them will be handled by your tutor. If you need to know how to use a different tool, feel free to ask your tutor.

Great work! See you in your next session!