2nd – 5th


Utilize a proven curriculum to strengthen academic skills and learning styles.


Gone are the days of ‘sounding out words. At this age, readers must extract and analyze information. This tall task requires engaging texts that aid readers’ critical thinking skills, all the while exposing them to more sophisticated words to bolster their vocabulary.

Beginning with basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, students first master foundational math principles and develop number sense— an understanding of place value, rounding, and number patterns. It is at this point that more advanced concepts like fractions/decimals can be introduced, both of which become focal points in future math courses.

This is the age range when writing skills take center stage. In TC Writing, second grade students learn to edit their own writing for grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure; third grade students are taught to express their ideas effectively and form structured paragraphs with topic sentences, supporting details, and conclusions; and fourth/fifth grade students build on this progress by taking their own unique thoughts and expressing them in an organized and thoughtful fashion.