The Covid Slide: Jumpstart Learning With Tutoring Club

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The past year has been a plate of weird with an extra side of stress for everyone, but ESPECIALLY for parents. Never have there been so many humorous memes about the woes of parenting, so many Google searches on how to keep your kids occupied, and so many headache-inducing hunts for new lunch ideas to satiate your kids. Let’s be real–it’s been HARD.

The COVID-19 Slide

Just when pandemic life couldn’t get any harder, parents have to deal with this new kid on the block called the “COVID-19 slide.”

Many parents may have already heard of the “summer slide.” It’s that bothersome thing that happens every summer where students lose about 20% reading gains and 27% math gains from the school year unless they stay engaged. Well, now there’s an even bigger and badder bully.

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic stretching on for well over a year, students are getting hit harder than ever in their academics. As the U.S. education system was neither prepared nor properly equipped to handle these unprecedented times, teachers scrambled to switch their tactics to online learning and students suffered from the transition. Without in-person instruction, most students found themselves learning a bulk of the material independently and with less help from their teachers than they normally would have in the classroom. Amidst this pandemic, researchers say that students could potentially lose five to nine months of learning by the end of June!

With the combination of school closures from the pandemic and the summer slide, students will return to school in the fall with roughly 70% of learning gains in reading and LESS than 50% of learning gains in math (almost an ENTIRE year behind).

Students are either falling behind or left disengaged because they’re more advanced than the majority of their class. However, standardized testing remains the same and colleges are still increasingly competitive.

This all leads us to beg the scary question, “What now?”

Summer is the PERFECT time for students to get ahead in the school year! By participating in summer academic programs, students can make up months worth of material that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

At Tutoring Club, we understand how difficult it has all been, but we’re in this together like PB&J. With students from a number of Orange County school districts, we stay up-to-date on all the ins and outs of their classes. If a teacher so much as sneezes, you best believe we will hear about it.

We’re dedicated to helping students get caught up or to stay on track. Other than using assessments, we take time to get to know your students individually. We then create customized lesson plans fit for your student and adjust the plan to suit them as we go. We offer help in ALL school subjects, provide homework support, and aid in college preparation.

We know, we know–students want to actually have their summer break. Well, our lessons are so customized that a student can knock out a couple hours in the morning and still have the rest of their day for whatever shenanigans they have planned. Not only that, but we make learning FUN.

In the summer, we offer a STEM program, where we introduce your students to STEM concepts through a variety of exciting projects including computer programming, Lego engineering, and more!

Want to take the stress out of the school year? With our Course Preview programs, we take a dive into what your student will be encountering when they return to school at the end of summer. Giving your student a head start is the best way to ensure good grades and we want them to ENJOY learning.

If you would like to see how Tutoring Club can help your student, give us a call at 1-888-TOTUTOR and set up an assessment today!