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Study Skills

Study Skills

Study Skills Help

Does your child ever complain of low test scores even though he had studied hard? Does your child swear she did the assignment but then just forgot to submit it? Has your child ever kept the newest report card from you?

Why do capable students get poor grades? Procrastination and disorganization are largely responsible. Add self-defeating attitudes and a lack of study "tools," and the outcome is quite predictable: grades that do not reflect your child's real ability and intelligence. Discouragement leads to a downward cycle of ever-worsening performance.

Don't wait until your child's self-esteem and motivation have plummeted. Don't wait until poor grades have limited your child's college options. As their studies become more and more complex, the methods they used in 7th grade are not going to cut it. Get your child the help he or she needs NOW.

Our 24-lesson study-skills program, is individually adapted to your child's needs. Units on attitude improvement and goal setting, essay writing and research methods, note-taking techniques, and test-preparation strategies all teach students to use their time efficiently and effectively. They learn to make memory hooks and their own study guides. They understand when to skim and when to scan. Watch your children's motivation and performance soar. Help your students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Study Skills

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