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- S.B.

My daughter is a sophomore in high school and was really struggling in her geometry class. She started going to Tutoring Club once a week, and right away a huge light bulb went off. I can’t tell you how much this raised her confidence, let alone her grade: from a D to a high B. She’s striving for an A!

- M.H.

My son has improved so much in honors math—he has raised his grade 2 letter grades just this quarter.

- D.M.

Tutoring Club has helped both of my kids. One has been behind in reading and writing since first grade. Tutoring Club has brought her up almost 3 grade levels in 1½ years.

- M.M.

My daughter never struggled in high school till her very last semester in AP Calculus. With college scholarships and admissions on the line, it was crucial for my daughter to at least pull a C in the class. When we joined Tutoring Club, she had a 45% in the class. She was able to pull her grade up to a 75% within a few weeks of tutoring. Not only did she pass the class but she even scored a 3 on the AP Calculus test!

- A.T.

Our daughter has drastically improved (2 grade levels) in reading comprehension and math in the 4 months she’s been attending Tutoring Club.

- D.E.

Tutoring Club is the best place to receive ACT tutoring. I began ACT tutoring two weeks before the big test and it pushed my score from a 21 to a 27 in that short amount of time.

- S.N.

My son, a high-school senior, did the two-week Bootcamp for SAT. He ended up improving his score by 205 points, which put him in a different bracket for college.

- M.H.

My daughter has been attending Tutoring Club for the past year and it has changed her life. She went from being completely unconfident and uninterested in school to not only achieving better grades, but enjoying it as well!

- D.L.

My daughter has gone from struggling in class to bringing home all As and Bs. It has completely transformed her from a shy student into an outgoing and confident learner.

- L.S.

My daughter pulled her middle-school grades up from Bs and Cs to straight As. She has such a positive attitude about school, is now on top of all her homework (as opposed to last year’s constant homework battles), and has improved in her academic skills tremendously.

- M.D.

I have two children at two different grade levels participating in the program. So far each child loves their individual tutors and their experience. They were really dreading having to ‘work over the summer’ but have adjusted well and [are] striving. They seem satisfied when I pick them up, always saying they’ve learned something new or a better way to understand math equations. That’s a win-win for me!

- J.V.

We took our third grader in to be assessed after a year of math struggles. Despite all we tried at home, we just couldn’t connect and she told me that, ‘some girls just aren’t good at math, Mom.’ After several months of regular sessions she was not only up to speed for her grade, but helping her classmates with long division. She never once complained about going and had lovely things to say about all of her tutors. She even asked us to sign her up for writing tutoring. I hesitated to make such a big commitment for a little one who was doing okay—not great, but okay—in class, but I wanted her to have a strong foundation in this skill set and even more importantly, confidence that she had the ability to succeed. Tutoring Club gave us both and we are very happy with the outcome.

- N.T.

As a student here for over five years, I can honestly say that this place has affected me greatly on an academic level. Ever since I started here, I have been able to be tutored on subjects that are struggling for me like Chemistry and Calculus. The tutors here are specialized in their individual subjects and excel in them. The tutors and the environment here is welcoming. Liam and Dave set up a center that is a second home for myself and other students. I highly recommend Tutoring Club, because it’s productive and extremely active with their students’ academic goals.

- Tara Jordan

My son has been with the tutoring club for a few months now. His area of focus is reading. Since going to the tutoring club his reading and spelling has improved dramatically! The teachers at the tutoring club have been extremely helpful. He has become more confident in himself. Thank you so much to the staff at the tutoring club on Decatur and 215!!!

- Isabell Cross

The Tutoring Club has helped my fourth grader immensely! Not only have his grades improved drastically, he has more confidence which has helped with his behavior as well. We are thankful for the entire staff who have proved learned, patient and kind. Thank you Tutoring Club!

- M0mmys3girls

My daughter has had an issue with reading for a long time now. We consulted our school and there really wasn't much that they could do. I purchased every app, workbook, book set, you name we have tried it. Nothing was helping! So I called tutoring club and Jessica was super helpful and brought us in right away to figure out what would be the best way to help my daughter. It has been a couple of months and while she hasn't had her second set of testing to see improvement, I can see changes. She is showing more of a desire to read on her own and words that she had difficulty with before are becoming less of a challenge for her. The tutors that she has had are great and she enjoys going! This place is great and I would highly recommend it!!

- Pansy Thomas

I have been using the north Las Vegas Tutoring Club for the past seven years. My situation is a difficult one because I am the grandmother of the boy who has come to this tutoring school since he was five years old. However what makes it difficult is he does not live with me, he lives 2300 mile across the United States in a different state than me. I have shared custody with him in the summer. Tutoring Club has been very open to working with me During the weeks he is with me which is usually 6 to 8 weeks in the summer. They have even brought a teacher in a week or two early to work with him because he gets out of school much earlier than we do here. Everything they have worked with him has helped him succeed in every grade level and has helped him be on the honor roll every year. He has difficulties and they work with him to help him through and get him to understand what it is that he is working on. Whether it be reading, writing, spelling, math and comprehension they do everything possible to help him understand and be able to move into the next grade easily. I can't say enough about how much they have helped with the situation and with my grandson. I recommend them highly they have very qualified, understanding and knowledgeable teachers that work with the children. Their program not only has emphasis on learning but also I'm sharing and enjoying school work. My grandson always walked out of there with a big smile on his face and he can hardly wait until the next day he goes back for his lesson. I give the Tutoring Club school a five star rating

- Jillian Salvador

My family and I have been coming here for the past three summers now! We love the program as a whole and enjoy listening to our daughter talk great things about her tutor sessions. We absolutely love Bianca! Since the first day, she's always made our daughter feel confident in her work. All of our daughter's tutors work so well with her! I would recommend this program to anyone! Thank you, Tutor Club for everything and getting our child prepared for the upcoming school year!

- Gina Sanson

Our son has excelled and thrived in the subjects he struggled with since we enrolled him in the Tutoring Club. He loves going to his sessions and looks forward to learning more each week. He used to get upset and frustrated with school and now absolutely loves going to school and brought home straight A's in first progress report after going to the Tutoring Club.

- Eleanor Spillman

Tutoring Club helped my grandson in developing his reading skills and increased his comprehension/vocabulary level. The Tutoring Club was able to help my grandson where his school failed him. My oldest grandson attained help for the Nevada Proficiency Writing Exam. He passed and graduated on June 4th, 2016.The tutors are proficient, skillful, and professionals. Ms. Jessica is honest and caring. Many Thanks

- Virginia Sawyer

"My son is improving in writing and is now able to have a solid foundation in math. He is excited about learning and loves the rewards money. His confidence has increased and I'm very excited about that. Thank you all for coming alongside us to support Our son. You guys are amazing!!!!!"

- shani russell

The Tutoring club was very helpful for my daughter. I appreciate the awesome tutors that made the learning process clear for my daughter to understand. Thank you Jessica for being so accommodating. I would definitely recommend The tutoring club to my family and friends."

- Sharlene Chase

The Tutoring Club helped my daughter to raise her ACT and SAT scores in just a few weeks! She now has the scores needed to apply to her top 10 universities! Thank you to the Tutoring Club for making it happen!

- J.B.

I can’t say enough good things about Tutoring Club. My son has been attending for almost a year and the results have been great. I love that they test him along the way so we can see his progress. The best part is he never complains about going because they make it so much fun.

- Mike Williams

My daughter really loves going to Tutoring Club,and her grades have improved.

- Marion Lincoln

Tutoring Club was a lifesaver for my family! They offered a variety of hours and have a plan for success. I love that they were able to customize a plan just for my son.

- Rhonda Dickens

The Tutoring Club has been the best experience for my daughter! She is more confident, and doesn't get frustrated when getting new assignments anymore. Thank you!

- K.C.

I would recommend the Tutoring club to all my family members and friends. What really hit me was not only how invested tutors are in the students education and lives, but how invested management is in their students. I have been to many tutoring places and I know this is not usually the case. Thus, it is refreshing to know students are in good hands here. The tutors are very well qualified. They come from top universities and are solid in their education. What makes tutoring club unique is the personal investment each student receives from their tutor and the connections that are built between the student and the tutor. Also, aside from homework help, they have programs (Math, Writing, Reading) to help advance students on their skills. They go all year round. Even during the summer, students can start on SAT and ACT preparation or course previews. I love the Tutoring Club and highly recommend them.

- Brian Flamma

The tutoring helped my daughter pass third grade and make it into 4th. Thank you Jessica.

- Darlene Halick

5 Star Review on Google

- A.K.

I rave about Tutoring Club NLV to any parent who will listen. Last year my son spent hours doing his homework. He rarely had time for activities and when he did he was behind and exhausted. He fought me on tutoring. He went reluctantly and feeling as if we were sending him there because he was a failure. I can’t believe the change in his attitude toward tutoring. He loves that his homework is done in a couple of hours. He’s done by 3:30 not 10 pm. He has time to enjoy activities free from the stress of homework. I am free from the stress of having to rush him through homework so he can get some sleep. Many thanks to the staff at Tutoring Club for making our lives easier.

- R.D.

My kids started Tutoring Club last school year because they were both so frustrated with school work and the lack of confidence they had. My daughter always had struggles with falling behind or not fitting in. Tutoring Club and the tutors gave her the confidence she needed to excel. She is in fourth grade now on high honor roll.

- A.G.

We love everything about the Tutoring Club of Aliante. The amazing tutors and staff make this place a necessity. We don’t always get the great teachers at school and this place is the perfect supplement. Helping our children understand a subject builds their confidence and attitude towards school. Their tutors know their stuff and more importantly, know how to teach.

- D.N.

My daughter has been going to the Aliante Tutoring Club from eighth grade to the present (tenth grade). She went from having nearly failing grades and really poor personal organization to straight As, and she is now undertaking AP classes as well as a busy sports schedule. The Tutoring Club staff seems to do very well at finding what works to get these kids focused on their learning career, and their 0% financing options were a lifesaver to a family like ours. It has been money well spent, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

- D.A.

My three children have had great success with the tutoring they’ve received at the Tutoring Club. I was tired of the nightly homework frustration and struggle that had gone on for too long in our house. We noticed fairly quickly as the kids were attending Tutoring Club that their confidence started to grow and the frustration decreased. The kids flourished academically and we had peaceful family nights again! Everyone at Tutoring Club has always been very friendly and provided excellent tutoring and structure in a fun learning environment for my children. I recommend Tutoring Club to anyone that has a student of any age.

- Amy Zinovitch

Tutoring Club has restored the love of learning in to my daughter's life. She has asked to return even though her time has expired.

- Amy S.

My daughter really enjoyed the Tutoring Club. The staff was professional and made the learning personable. My daughter struggled in 7th grade math and the tutoring club helped her to pass the class. She went from nearly failing to a high "C". It was not an "A", but for her and us; this was a huge accomplishment. The staff gave her the skills to use to understand math better

- Mindy T.

Tutoring Club worked wonders for my son who was struggling with math. He went from a low C to getting A's and B's. He actually enjoyed going and the tutor's made it a very positive experience. Best money I've spent in a long time!

- Cassandra J.

My son gained confidence and increased his reading level by 2 grade levels in just 5 months with Tutoring Club. As a parent and School counselor I highly recommend Tutoring Club if you're child is struggling to meet grade level in math, reading or writing.

- Nicole M.

Friendly. Helpful. Doubled my daughters reading time.

- Ruel Libutan

Instructors are nice and knowledgeable

- Yarelli Acosta

My daughter loves it and the token system is great!!!

- Desirie P

I'm so happy I signed my son up for the tutoring club, not only is he learning, he enjoys attending and I could not ask for a better tutor club. Great teachers and the staff is awesome????Thank you so much .

- Alexis G.


After a lot of searching, my husband and I decided to place our trust in Jessica and her staff. I am so happy we did!! Jessica did a thorough evaluation and has done such an amazing job of meeting my daughter's needs. I have seen so much improvement, and as a bonus, I have even gotten to watch her interest in education return. Could not be happier!!!

- Sylvia Cooper

An excellent resource for our high school child to better his math proficiency. There are many tutors available and our son was able to relax and learn what was needed. We will continue to keep him in this after-school program for as long as possible.

- Amber N.


I love this place and so does my daughter. We signed up about 4 months ago, and I have to say it has been nothing but an AMAZING experience. I was a little nervous about making the investment, but it has truly paid off. Not only has my daughter's grades gone from D&Cs to A&Bs but her confidence has skyrocketed as well. Every day she gets out of tutoring she is happy and singing and you can just see how much she likes it. That shows you how amazing the staff is. Everyone is helpful and cheerful and it has truly been great working with them. I would highly recommend the Tutoring Club on Decatur and a special shout out to Mrs. Jessica. You and the team are the best!!!! Keep doing what you're doing.

- Lynn K.


The Tutoring Club has been an absolute blessing for our twins. They have always been a little behind, in the beginning years of elementary school, and proud to say as they approach the end of 5th grade, they are at grade level!! The curriculum is exactly what they needed. The staff has always been accommodating and very sweet with our twins. The twins consistently go twice a week and never complain about going, even an additional two hours, after a full day of school. This was the best choice we could’ve made, to help with their confidence and education.

- S.K.


My experience at Tutoring Club was great! They really helped me boost my SAT score and provided me with guidance for my college application process.

- Jennifer Parson

I was impressed right away. Jessica the director is wonderful and you know your child is in good hands. Miss Bianca is great at making the kids feel comfortable when coming in the door. The tutors are fantastic! I would highly recommend Tutoring Club.

- Luis Heinz

My daughter recently started going to the Tutoring Club and I already see a difference. She loves going here, it has helped her in many ways. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who has a child who needs help in their studies.

- Yvonne Villegas

Love this group... my kids come out always raving about their tutors, or go saying "I hope Mr/Mrs. Is there today?" Thank you for a great team of tutors.

- Tessa Beach

Tutoring Club is a fantastic place for kids to learn. My son took reading and Algebra 2, and he has thrived in both. The tutors are wonderful, patient, and thorough.

- Maggie Goebel

For most of our son's elementary years, he has been slipping further and further behind in his reading and writing. Finally, at the end of his 3rd-grade year, we knew we needed help getting him caught up. Soon after school ended, during summer vacation his father and I started looking for some kind of summer school or special tutoring program to help us get him caught up and reading and writing at grade level. We searched online and after reading some glowing reviews we stopped in and met with Jessica who got us moving ahead with some testing and a meeting to discuss our son's results. Very quickly we knew that this place was right for our family. Our son has been attending twice a week for about 8 months and he is at grade level in almost all areas. We are so pleased and happy that he enjoys The Tutoring Club and has had a number of awesome tutors. He has loved them all. We highly recommend this company and certainly this Tutoring Club location. Everyone we have spoken with has been very caring and professional. We love the progress reports we get on a monthly basis, as well as knowing Jessica is always available to discuss any questions or concerns. 5 stars for sure!

- Ms. B.

This place is special. The Director is a diamond!! She has such exceptional people skills!! Her methods of evaluating the kids are thorough. Your hours don't expire. I showed up after a year and a half and my credits were still good... and the Director still remembered my son's name. They are more than just a business because they really care about the kids' education. Glad I found these guys many moons ago. NEVER a bad experience!

- Carla P.

This is the best experience my daughter has had in her learning experience. She is now excelling in her subject of need. Love this place. Jessica and the staff are amazing.

- Tara O

Jessica and Bianca are such an amazing team with the best of the best tutors!!! I highly recommend the Tutoring Club. My son has been with them since the end of August '17 and has loved it since day one. His grades and confidence have gone up and he has a love for school that we haven't seen in 2 years. Thank you, Jessica, Bianca, and all the amazing teachers you have.

- Rachel Green

Jessica and her staff are very accommodating and willing to adjust to my son’s needs. My son is gaining the confidence he was lacking to do well in school. I am very happy with his progress.

- Louise Rice

So happy with the progress my son has been making thanks to the tutors here. My son's grades went up dramatically from F's & C's To A's And B's and continuously improved more and more. I would highly recommend the Tutoring Club to friends and family!

- Julia Tanner

I am so THANKFUL for the Tutoring Club! My son started off at a 1st-grade level, and now he's at a 4th-grade level! Jessica and Bianca are the sweetest people ever they made it possible. They took time with my son they believed in him, and they knew what he was capable of! THEY HAD FAITH in him. They pushed him to keep going and going and he never once quit he never once gave up! My son looks forward to coming to school every day that he is scheduled to be here. Never look at tutoring as being expensive because when you think about your child and his future, every dime is worth it especially when you see a great Improvement! SO GRATEFUL

- Keila Deborah

My daughter loves going to The Tutoring Club. They have helped her so much in her studies, I would definitely recommend checking them out if your child is struggling in their academics

- Angelina Lane

The NLV location is the best! Ms. Jessica is wonderful-really took time to get to know my daughter and was able to work within our budget! Able to tailor her sessions as my daughter progressed; definitely saw improvement by a letter grade!

- Jennifer Lee

I am so happy I enrolled my child into the Tutoring Club. My daughter was falling behind in reading and desperately needed help. I have seen great improvement since she started. Her teacher doesn't require her to attend any tutoring sessions at school. All of the staff are friendly as well as accommodating. I would definitely recommend the Tutoring Club.

- Stephany Butler

Our son loves going to the Tutoring Club, he really likes his tutors, he is feeling more successful in school and we are seeing an improvement in his school work and grades.