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Awesome Students - Real Testimonials

- Lorrie Smith

My daughter is an A student who wanted help preparing for standardized tests. The tutors assessed her needs and customized the lesson plan. She really enjoyed the sessions and felt they were just what she needed. Her confidence has grown as well as her test scores.

- Mayling Fernandez

Tutoring club on San Jose Blvd is a really great place! They are very hands on and treat each child as if they were family. The tutors there are amazing! They work with each child to pinpoint what their weaknesses are and then work on those until the child has great skills in the material. My son has been doing great in school since starting at tutoring club. We love it!

- Clara Simmers

Math had been an absolute nightmare for us. Day-by-day, my son seemed to fall further behind. In January we enrolled at the Tutoring Club, and I've seen a huge improvement. Since enrolling, my son's math grade has improved, by 2 letter grades. His average has not only improved in math, but all other subjects as well. I truly appreciate the service we receive from the Tutoring Club, and would higher recommend them to anyone whom has a child struggling academically.

- Cathy Ann DuPont

Tutoring Club on San Jose Blvd is "Phenomenal" - I am so glad I found them just in time to turn things around for our son. He was becoming very frustrated with school & learning. In just two weeks time I have received messages from his teachers on how well he is doing in class now. The staff is amazing and so is my son. Thank you so much.

- Cathy Shaw

My son is doing very well. He is learning his time tables and reading so much better. I'm so excited. Excellent tutoring. Thank you!"

- Chrissy Sherman

Awesome experience!! Wonderful Engaged Staff! My daughter is 7 and has shown improvement in her grades and studies. She loves it and I am a very pleased parent!

- Julie Bunk

The Tutoring Club of Jacksonville has helped our daughter in various ways. When we first visited our daughter was struggling in math. Since she was not failing, yet, her teacher was not concerned. The Tutoring Club was able to test our daughter and identify math skills missed in her current and previous grades. The program has helped her to master all of those skills and have the tools to enter the new school year fully prepared. She has gained confidence from the attention and feedback of the staff. It has helped her to see other students her age and older making their education a priority. If you are feeling lost in the crowd and want someone to focus on the needs of your child then please visit The Tutoring Club of Jacksonville. Thank you Tutoring Club of Jacksonville for all you have done for our daughter!

- Kimberly Strawder

Very professional and we love our experience here thus far. We are excited for my daughter's road to academic restoration , and that it will take place here!

- Vonetta Crawford

"Great!! I'm very happy,my daughter has came from a F from the first 9 weeks too a C in the 2nd 9 weeks. I'm a happy parent with a happy child."

- Yulonda Thompson

Dana and her staff are amazing! The Tutoring Club staff are so friendly and always welcoming. They know each child by name and are aware of there skills level at all times. They make it a priority to address everyone that comes into there facility. My son academically has blossomed. When we started my son's confidence was extremely low when it came to his school work. In just a matter of four months his confidences in his school work has boosted. The staff at Tutoring Club are consistent, professional, and focused on helping every child meet and exceed there academic goals. They are an amazing group of people, Dana Edmond (Director), Kathy, and all of the tutors.

- Suzanne Newman

i cannot say enough positive things about the tutoring club. My daughter was falling behind in school with a few failing grades and not liking school. After enrolling her here, she has now made A honor roll and A/B honor roll and enjoys school. Her entire attitude has changed for the better. The best part is she loves to go to tutoring. The staff makes learning fun while maintaining a structured and positive learning environment. I highly recommend Ms Dana and her staff."

- Selena Scott

Tutoring Club Jacksonville is awesome! Mrs Dana and her staff have been a tremendous help tutoring my daughter Eva through her 3rd grade year. I was nervous about the Florida Standards Assessments but Mrs Dana put us at ease and gave us confidence that the tutoring was effective and that we would see positive results in Eva's school work and testing. She made it through with flying colors! She is now much more independent and comfortable working on her own. On to 4th grade!!

- Jennifer Carroll

The tutoring has made the difference in my son's progress as a freshman in high school. He struggled his first quarter, so we signed up with the Tutoring Club to get help for him. The difference was amazing. He gained confidence and understood the work that he had been struggling with. I highly recommend this program for any kid who needs a little extra help! Dana and Kathy are amazing!

- Trish Dinkla

Our son has benefited from tutoring at this club all through high school. I am convinced that they are a big reason he graduated this year. He is now taking a math class at the junior college and has been back to The Tutoring Club for extra help. He is very comfortable with their teaching style and it has been a lifesaver for us!! A big thumbs up for the Tutoring Club!! Trish D.

- Wayne Fowler

Tutoring Club has been a Blessing for our son. When we came in our son was about as low as he had ever been. He started the very next day and we saw immediate results. His attitude towards school started changing for the better, his grades started improving. His self confidence was lifted. He is like a different child, thanks to Tutoring Clubs help!

- Rebecca Cave

The Tutoring Club on San Jose BLVD does a great job of evaluating students and pinpointing a student's deficits. Instead of using school homework to reteach skills, the assessments can identify individual weaknesses which assist the team with creating an individual learning plan for each student. Both of my children enjoy attending the weekly sessions as they get to earn tokens for their achievement. In addition to receiving academic assistance, the tokens serve as a great way to teach children how to save their tokens for bigger prizes. My children are constantly telling me how many tokens they have and how many more tokens they need to earn their next prize.

- Tonya Hernandez

Love the Tutoring Club. Very friendly staff and always helpful. Mrs. Dana and Mrs. Kathy are the sweetest ladies and really care alot about the children that come in day in and day out. We have had a great experience so far and would recommend to anyone looking for tutoring. It is also convenient hours and location.

- Melissa Faulkner

The club helped my daughter go from below grade level to at or above grade level in math, reading and writing, and all in less than a year. The staff is not only well versed in their subject(s), but they also really care about their kids succeeding, something not always found in the public academic world. I would recommend Tutoring Club to any parent looking for quality academic help for their kids.

- Kaleb and Kami

I have noticed a great improvement with Kami and you guys at Tutoring Club did an outstanding job with my son Kaleb when he was there. The people who work there are sweet and they care for the children and they show they care. Thanks for all your help.

- Mahadevaiah Shashidhar

Tutoring club was integral in helping my daughters in getting the scores that has gotten admission to every school of their choice. Dana & her accomplished tutors has a well thought out process where they establish the student's strengths & gaps, charts out a game plan on how to reinforce and fill those. The prep work they make the students go through with practice tests helps them make the strategic adjustments during the tests that has resulted in the success. I would highly recommend the services of Dana & her staff.

- J.L.


My daughter has been attending Tutoring Club for over two years now. They are always attentive, flexible with our schedule, and positive. With the weekly help and encouragement of the tutors, she has grown in confidence, learned time management and study skills, and has brought all her grades up. She now calls Tutoring Club her second family because she's so comfortable and feels genuinely cared for there. Thanks so much!

- W.E.


Tutoring Club has helped my daughter so much! She struggled just to get to 1st grade and it's so exciting to finally see her thrive and improve. Tutoring Club gave her the confidence boost she needed where I, school, and homework wasn't enough. Now she's interested in learning and reading on her own. I just wish I had enrolled her sooner!

- M.B.


I could not express how appreciative I am for all the teachers at Tutoring Club. Everyone is very good at teaching and my daughter has grown to love to learn. The facility is very clean. Everyone is nice and helpful. My daughter’s grades have all gone up. She has attended Tutoring Club for 6 months. She just finished her MAP testing and is now in the 90th percentile across the national board. Thank you everyone at Tutoring Club. I know we will continue to use you for help with homework and supplemental learning.

- S.K.


My experience at Tutoring Club was great! They really helped me boost my SAT score and provided me with guidance for my college application process.