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Awesome Students - Real Testimonials

- Misty G.

Nicole and her team are amazing. My son has progressed 2 grade levels in less than six months.

- Jackie R.

So far so good! My daughter loves it! She's has been improving so much at one of Henderson's five star schools! The staff there is so wonderful, & really cares about there children! I feel that my daughter is in good hands!

- Mandy W.

I thought it would be a fight every week to get my son to go to Tutoring Club but he has really enjoyed going! He has really liked working with the tutors he has and has made great improvements in school. His grades have improved but more importantly his confidence has increased. The money and time spent at Tutoring Club have been worth it and we will continue to use their services with our other kids when it is needed. The staff is amazing...Thank You

- Edward T.

great staff that brought our kiddo from 5 grades down to grade level in a year . they work great with the kids and hold them accountable

- Coretta B.

The Tutoring Club has been a great start for my child. She has improved in her studies to the tone of an "A" on many of her assignments. She is also very happy with the staff. Thank you, Tutoring Club!

- Isabelle M.

My H.S. junior who is in all honors and AP classes had become burnt out. As a result, she was uncharacteristically failing. We sought help from Tutoring Club and are relieved we did. She was able to bring all her grades up and is on track to receive her Advanced Honors Diploma next year. We will not hesitate to use the Tutoring Club in her senior year.

- Julie Boyd

I am very pleased with the Tutoring Club I've used their program for both of my children throughout the years. They accommodate everyone with no pressure. I would recommend their program.

- Ava Isabella

My H.S. junior, who is in all honors and AP classes had become burnt out. As a result, she was uncharacteristically failing. We sought help from the Tutoring Club and are relieved we did. She was able to bring all her grades up and is on track to receive her Advanced Honors Diploma next year. We will not hesitate to use the Tutoring Club in her senior year.

- Boris Villon

Very satisfied and grateful. The improvements in our child"s school performance are amazing. Thank you Laura!

- Roland George

We joined The Tutoring Club in the middle of my Daughter's 5th grade year after just moving to Henderson. My daughter had been struggling in Math and the teachers at her new school quickly saw she needed attention. She tested at a 2nd grade level in Math with Dan at The Tutoring Club and we immediately got her into their sessions. Dan and all the Tutors have helped my Daughter grow in Math, Reading, Writing and Comprehension. Over the last year and half she has gone from that 2nd grade level (mid 5th grade year) up to 6th grade level. She will be ending 6th grade this year and I couldn't be more proud of her and the skills she has learned as well as the confidence she now has. She loves all her Tutors and without them she wouldn't be at grade level with all her classes. We will continue to use Tutoring Club. They have been so easy to work with and I couldn't be happier that we chose them to help my daughter through her struggles.

- Todd Meyer

My #1 guy needed help with writing. He had been having a hard time. Now he’s learned to organize his thoughts and put it on paper. Even the gifted kids need help, glad Tutoring Club is helping him.

- Ashlee Troy

The Tutoring Club has brought my son from low or failing grades to A's in just a few short months. I can't thank Nicole and her team enough for the confidence they have helped him achieve in his classroom. Homework is no longer a nightly struggle and I love the look on his face when he moves to the next subject with ease.

- April Isas

The team at the Tutoring Club is amazing! I tried everything possible to help my 15 year old daughter with school, to no avail. I signed her up for tutoring and there was significant improvements in her grades and confidence in herself. She went from C, D and F's last year to all A and B's this current school year. I would highly recommend the Tutoring Club!!!

- Chris Kirk

My daughter had a great experience. The staff were helpful, pleasant, and knowledgeable. Mr. Eric was great help to my daughter and she understood everything that was taught to her.

- Fabriana Carmichael

This is a great tutoring program for all ages. My son is 15 years old and got tons of help for his math class. Everyone there is super outgoing and very professional. They have great scheduling and can be fairly flexible if your child has afterschool activities.

- Magan Irby

I have absolutely NOTHING negative to say about tutoring club. I LOVE this place! The staff is amazing and caring. They greet us with a smile and by name everytime we walk in. The tutors take the time needed for her and push her when they know she can do it. I took my daughter who has adhd there when her school was failing her tremendously. She started at turtoring club the beginning of 2nd grade, she was reading at kindergarten level and before her school year was out she is middle into a 3rd grade level. They helped her when nobody else could. Im extremely grateful for their help. They treated her like a child instead of a test score and now her confidence is higher than it has ever been. I have and always will recommend turtoring club to anyones child that needs help, they really do care and thats hard to find.

- J.L.


My daughter has been attending Tutoring Club for over two years now. They are always attentive, flexible with our schedule, and positive. With the weekly help and encouragement of the tutors, she has grown in confidence, learned time management and study skills, and has brought all her grades up. She now calls Tutoring Club her second family because she's so comfortable and feels genuinely cared for there. Thanks so much!

- W.E.


Tutoring Club has helped my daughter so much! She struggled just to get to 1st grade and it's so exciting to finally see her thrive and improve. Tutoring Club gave her the confidence boost she needed where I, school, and homework wasn't enough. Now she's interested in learning and reading on her own. I just wish I had enrolled her sooner!

- M.B.


I could not express how appreciative I am for all the teachers at Tutoring Club. Everyone is very good at teaching and my daughter has grown to love to learn. The facility is very clean. Everyone is nice and helpful. My daughter’s grades have all gone up. She has attended Tutoring Club for 6 months. She just finished her MAP testing and is now in the 90th percentile across the national board. Thank you everyone at Tutoring Club. I know we will continue to use you for help with homework and supplemental learning.

- S.K.


My experience at Tutoring Club was great! They really helped me boost my SAT score and provided me with guidance for my college application process.