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Grade Levels

Here at Tutoring Club we recognize each student has his or her own unique challenges and needs. This is why we create a completely customizable program to suit your student’s individual needs and grade-level. Tutoring Club uses the most advanced curriculum in tutoring combined with a positive learning environment, resulting in more lessons per hour. We maintain a low student to tutor ratio, so every student receives a wealth of individualized instruction from qualified tutors who are committed to your student’s success.
Education is a lifelong building block process; a student’s educational success is determined by his or her ability to learn required skills in a timely manner to ensure a solid foundation for future learning. A lack of foundational skills not only jeopardizes current scholastic success, but also puts future academic performance in danger!

Click on the grades shown below to view specific skill requirements at each level and the programs. Tutoring Club offers to ensure your student’s success:

» Pre-kindergarten
» Grade levels kindergarten through 3rd grade
» Grade levels 4th through 5th grade
» Grade levels 6th through 8th grade
» Grade levels 9th through 12th grade

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