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Grade levels 6th through 8th Grade

High school is just around the corner! Reading comprehension skills must be mastered and a student's reading rate should be around 200 words per minute. A great reader is the foundation of a successful student now and for the future!

This is a critical time for math; the transition from basic math to algebra is upon the student. The transition from basic math to algebra is a critical time for students. A solid understanding of fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, percents, integers, numeration, word problems, geometric figures, and equations are a must!  The most common reason for failure in high school math is weak pre-algebra skills.

By now, a student has considerable practice with the fundamentals of writing and has been introduced to more-advanced creative writing. Each student must be able to expand his or her writing into more complex essay styles and write multi-paragraph essays that flow, while using accurate capitalization, punctuation and grammar. The introduction of research for writing essays makes reading comprehension an important skill set for a successful writer!

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