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Awesome Students - Real Testimonials

- Sabrina Z.

We loved working with the Tutoring Club! Lucy and her group of tutors were outstanding to work with. Our son was working on improving his math & science test scores on both the ACT & SAT. The practice and review did help him to improve his scores on both exams. Lucy is so wonderful and accommodating to work with, especially with a busy and hectic schedule of school and sports that we had to work around. We would highly recommend the Tutoring Club!

- Cathleen B.

An excellent tutoring center that helped my daughter greatly with her SAT and ACT preparations. Really appreciated the personal attention and willingness to go the extra mile. From specialized tutoring to general academic assistance, I would highly recommend Lucy and her team.

- Anna A.

Miss Lucy and all of the tutors at the Tutoring Club Escondido are extremely helpful, encouraging, and skilled in the academic disciplines in which they are assisting students. My son is using his Tutoring Club time to focus on the areas in which he wants to better excel. I highly recommend the services of this wonderful business.

- Stephanie G.

The Tutoring Club has been a great resource and our son quickly improved his reading and writing. He enjoys working with the tutors and their reward program is a great motivation for him. Lucy has been very helpful and accommodating with our schedule. They worked with my son all summer and he is ready to start school at his grade level. I highly recommend their program, especially for busy parents!

- Janet G.

The Tutoring Club is AWESOME! They understand what my boys need to succeed in school and enjoy their tutors. My husband and I are so happy with the Tutoring Club. Thank you

- D.D

I would highly recommend the Tutoring Club of Escondido. Daisy was always friendly and welcoming and greeted my child at the door. The tutors addressed my child’s questions and provided additional support when she needed it. My daughter demonstrated progress in a short period of time.

- Edna L.

We are very appreciative of Tutoring Club for the great support you have given to our daughter for her improvement in her grades. You guys are professionals. Thank you so much!

- Terri M.

Tutoring Club was an excellent resource to help my son improve his SAT and ACT test scores. Lucy was incredibly flexible working around sports, school, and family schedules! My son definitely improved his test scores and we will most definitely be utilizing Tutoring Club for our daughter as well. We would definitely recommend Tutoring Club!

- Nina G.

The Escondido Tutoring Club has a wonderful and supportive staff that guides the children in the academic areas in which they struggle or need help. They are very accommodating with your schedule and try very hard to ensure your child gets the help they need. They give out positive reinforcement and know all the kids by name. I would hands down, recommend parents to the Tutoring Club.

- Thalia L.

My 7-year-old was a little behind in the reading area and the Tutoring Club's team was extremely helpful in getting her up to speed over the summer. She now enters 2nd grade with confidence. The entire team is just lovely and works with any schedule!!

- Kiya K.

I have four students in junior high and high school. My kids have been attending the Tutoring Club for four years. My oldest son has gone to the Tutoring Club for his basic subjects, honors classes, AP classes, and SAT prep. They helped to give him an advantage scholastically. I have another son that struggles with ADHD and the Tutoring Club helps him complete his assignments and teaches things that he missed during class. Lucy is wonderful at getting the right tutor for each student. She was understanding and flexible with my kids' ever-changing schedules. I am really glad we have had the Tutoring Club to support my children academically.

- Rebecca D.

My son began struggling in math in 7th grade. We went to the Tutoring Club and within a month his math grade went from a C to an A. In 8th grade we returned to the Tutoring Club because again - he was struggling in math. After several weeks it was determined that he had some basic math skills that were missing and they worked with him on his current curriculum while simultaneously bringing him up to speed on areas of math that he had not learned in his younger years. The summer before high school we committed to going two times a week and did 20 minutes of practice homework each day. My son feels much more confident about entering his freshman-year math class. He has worked with both Margo and Daniel and really likes both of them. Lucy is very easy to work with and I appreciate her flexibility as we are always having to readjust our schedule. I would definitely recommend this place.

- J.L.


My daughter has been attending Tutoring Club for over two years now. They are always attentive, flexible with our schedule, and positive. With the weekly help and encouragement of the tutors, she has grown in confidence, learned time management and study skills, and has brought all her grades up. She now calls Tutoring Club her second family because she's so comfortable and feels genuinely cared for there. Thanks so much!

- W.E.


Tutoring Club has helped my daughter so much! She struggled just to get to 1st grade and it's so exciting to finally see her thrive and improve. Tutoring Club gave her the confidence boost she needed where I, school, and homework wasn't enough. Now she's interested in learning and reading on her own. I just wish I had enrolled her sooner!

- M.B.


I could not express how appreciative I am for all the teachers at Tutoring Club. Everyone is very good at teaching and my daughter has grown to love to learn. The facility is very clean. Everyone is nice and helpful. My daughter’s grades have all gone up. She has attended Tutoring Club for 6 months. She just finished her MAP testing and is now in the 90th percentile across the national board. Thank you everyone at Tutoring Club. I know we will continue to use you for help with homework and supplemental learning.

- S.K.


My experience at Tutoring Club was great! They really helped me boost my SAT score and provided me with guidance for my college application process.