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College Prep

College Preparation

What's a good score? A great score? What is the difference between these two tests? Which one should my child take? How important are these scores to the admissions process? What about taking the test twice? With more questions than answers, you are probably feeling overwhelmed and confused. These tests are given multiple times every year, so when is the right time for your student?

Let the Tutoring Club help. Our unique ACT Smart and SAT Smart programs for the ACT and the SAT can improve scores dramatically. The diagnostic test allows us to individualize your student's program to maximize his or her time with us. Our special software system allows us to match up specific items on practice tests with those items missed on the diagnostic.

The result: students study only what they need to study. They are not part of a huge class where everyone learns the same thing. We build on their strengths and fill in gaps. If we find a lack in math or reading fundamentals, we may suggest a skill-building program as a prelude to practicing specific strategies and methods. We will help you choose the right test to take and the right time(s) to take it. We will help you understand the relationship between test scores and college admissions. These tests are important to your child's future. Let us work together to help them succeed.

College Prep

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