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Hi, and welcome to Tutoring Club of Boise, ID! We passionately serve Ada County students of all backgrounds and academic abilities, pre-K through 12th grade! Our award-winning TC curriculum provides the resources and opportunity for every student to become a confident, self-motivated learner for life.

What We Do

We teach students how to learn.

At Tutoring Club of Boise, we believe that educators are mentors. Our team works closely with students to get to know them on a personal level because we understand that there is much more to academic performance and success than what happens inside the classroom. Individualized support is key, which is why we create a customized game plan for each and every student we encounter. Our team provides tutoring year-round in all high school subjects, SAT/ACT test prep, and more, as well as guidance in navigating the college applications process. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics, Honors and AP English, and AP US History are just a few of our specialties.

Why We Do It

We are invested in each student’s success.

For us, tutoring is personal. We are deeply committed to long-term academic success that builds lasting confidence and brings out the best in every student. When we hear that a student has moved up from C’s to A’s, or that reading has become a joy instead of a chore, we know that our services are changing lives. All of us at Tutoring Club of Boise are proud of the many thousands of students who have passed through our center and we look forward to working with those students who meet our team for the very first time this upcoming year.

What Makes Us a Great Choice

We are a one-stop solution.

Our award-winning approach gives us the ability and expertise to assist students of all ages and abilities. From the very beginnings of math and reading to AP high school courses and college admissions, we provide students with the dedicated support that they need throughout their academic career. Parents and students alike have quickly grown to appreciate Tutoring Club of Boise’s friendly and engaging environment, and often commend us on our flexibility, passion, and – most critically – outcomes.

Give us a call today and put your student on the path to a brighter future!

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Please share a bit about your student so we can offer the best solution for their individualized needs. Simply complete the short form and click on the submit button. Alternatively, you can call: (208) 297-5404 and speak with a member of our team.

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13601 West McMillan Road
Ste 108
Boise, ID 83713 US

Tutoring Club of Boise, ID
West McMillan Road Ste 108
Boise, ID 83713 US
(208) 297-5404
[email protected]

Meet Our Team

Driven To Help Your Student Succeed

Jef Lapierre


As an owner/director of Tutoring Club since 2017 and a parent of a two Ada County students, Jef Lapierre understands the demands and challenges parents and students might be facing. If you think your child might benefit from tutoring, either to reach grade level, maintain a certain GPA or for enrichment, call Jef at their new location,
he would love to help!


What parents and students are saying

Daryl H.
Our daughter is completing 8th grade and going to high school next year. She has a diagnosed learning disability in math, so our friends recommended Tutoring Club, as they had experienced success with their own children. When tested for her math level, she tested on a 4th grade level at the age of 14. She has gone once a week for an hour of tutoring since almost the beginning of the school year. Our daughter's MAP scores increased this year from 202 to 222 since we started the tutoring (226-228 is the basic expected score for an 8th grader) Usually she will complain if she doesn't want to do something, but she never ever complains about going for her tutoring session.
Rachel B.
Tutoring Club has been a great place for my kids to get the extra help they need with some of their subjects. The staff at Tutoring Club has a friendly and helpful attitude and they do their best to accommodate our needs and find the right tutors to help. We really appreciate their flexibility with scheduling and their willingness to help!
Susana J.
Our daughter loves going to Tutoring Club! She says that it has really helped her and that they are all very encouraging and supportive there. It makes learning all that more easier in such an environment. We are very happy with our decision to sign up with Tutoring Club! Wish we did it earlier!

Our son was in the 4th grade this past year and having trouble with his writing. We thought we would try out Tutoring Club and are we glad we did. Tutoring Club has a reward program that keeps him interested and comments from his elementary school teacher indicate that his writing has improved. Plus the staff are friendly and professional. What more could you ask.
Pamela H.
My daughter has been going to Tutoring Club for nearly two years now. She enjoys it and looks forward to her session every week, especially to see her tutor Ms. Jenny. My husband and I have seen how her reading, comprehension and grammar skills have grown significantly. Since going to TC, she has grown to be confident in herself and how she can learn. There's always a need for reinforcement of subjects/topics learned from school. TC does that for our child. Now Ms. Jenny tutors 3 sets of cousins in our family at the PQ/Torrey Highlands location! Mario, Lane and Greydon have all been great to work with.
Stephanie G.
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