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Mid Year Motivations

Post Date: Tuesday, Jan 8, 2013

January is a time of new beginnings – a new year of resolution and a new semester at school. It’s a time when your child has the opportunity to start afresh.  However, many students need extra encouragement to gain the motivation to do their best in the classroom.

Parents can play a big role in motivating children to achieve their full potential through five simple steps that help instill the desire to achieve academic success now and last throughout the year.

Be an Advocate
Let your child know that you’re always there for support when things appear to get tough.  Knowing they have a support system helps motivate students to face academic challenges they might otherwise choose to avoid.

Boost Self-Esteem
Whether it’s learning to play a new musical instrument or how to divide fractions, help children recognize the significance of even the small successes they experience each day.

Ban the Negativity
There will always be mistakes, so look for ways to encourage your child to turn mistakes into more positive learning experiences. Dwelling on the imperfections can prevent children from progressing forward.

Be More Aware
When a child is learning new skills, there are always critical steps that if missed will hinder your child from getting ahead. This can often result in your child acting out or displaying a sudden disinterest in the activity. The key for you is to recognize, pinpoint, and correct the skill gaps as quickly as possible.

Be Better Prepared
You can ensure your child is better prepared by providing the necessary tools for success, both in and out of the classroom, since most students require more than a positive attitude to reach their full potential.

Children who demonstrate disinterest in school may have skill gaps preventing them from moving forward, or may have even advanced beyond their class and require a more challenging curriculum.

“Tutoring Club can help you identify areas of academic proficiencies and deficiencies, as well as design an individualized program of instruction that guarantees your child will succeed,” says Chad Schwartz, founder of Tutoring Club.” With your support and inspiration, your child is just a few steps away from beginning a new academic day.”

For further information, contact:

Chad Schwartz
Tutoring Club
(702) 588-5288


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