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Making Homework Manageable

Post Date: Monday, Feb 4, 2013

There frequently comes a time for families when school assignments begin creating tensions at home. Homework assignments can strain not just students, but parents too.

Though it can be challenging, fitting schoolwork into your busy family schedule is rarely the only problem. What parents often find difficult is assisting with assignments that are either unclear or don’t come with sufficient information to aid instruction.

"Parents can become frustrated when they don’t know how to help their children," notes Chad Schwartz, founder of Tutoring Club. "Most homework assignments don’t come with a description of what has been taught in the classroom or what’s to be expected from a specific assignment."

Math is a prime example. Math terms are specific and the rules are fixed, but remembering and explaining step-by-step problem solving solutions for algebra, geometry, or math analyses is a tough assignment for any parent. Science and foreign languages are other areas of high stress for homework.

Making homework more manageable starts with a better understanding of the challenges your child faces:
  • Talk with your child about the daily lessons learned in class.
  • Set goals for each class with what’s expected to complete at home.
  • Create a study zone in your home with helpful homework tools, free of distractions.
It’s important to recognize education is a joint task force effort. Responsibility lies with teachers in the classroom and with parents at home. In many cases, tutoring plays an important role in the education mix.

"Tutors understand how to teach and instruct. They’re often better equipped to decipher homework instructions and explain problem solving solutions," says Schwartz.

Whether your child struggles with completing homework assignments or with meeting academic challenges in areas like math, reading, and writing, Tutoring Club instructors will provide the individualized instruction that guarantees your child succeeds.

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