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Formula for Success

Post Date: Monday, Nov 12, 2012

As the landscape of education has shifted over the past decade, students across the country are often encouraged, if not expected, to seek outside help to get ahead in school.

With increasing reliance on standardized tests and pressures of college enrollment, preparing your student now for academic challenges ahead is more important than ever.  As coursework becomes more demanding and expectations rise, the importance of individualized instruction continues to grow.

Know Your Child

Assessing your child’s strengths and weaknesses is the key to improving academically.  Irene Daria from Parents Magazine cites the signs that signal a need for extra help:

  • Your child is falling behind in skills that others have mastered at a younger age, like spelling or basic math.
  • Grades begin to decline even though your child studies and works hard
  • Assignments are incomplete or inaccurate, no matter how much time is spent on them

When your child is struggling with school work, you should invest time to discover how academic testing and tutoring can correct individual skill gaps.

Enabling Attitudes

Regardless of your child’s assessment, be sure to remain positive and supportive. Children may learn differently at different ages; they don’t always pick up certain skills as quickly as their peers. It’s important to commend things your child does well and offer the means to improve those areas which may be more difficult.   

Encouraging Words

National Council of Teachers award winner, Barry Hoonan, notes that by fifth or sixth grade children begin to develop a stronger sense of self.   Hoonan suggests parents take an encouraging approach when addressing shortcomings, such as, "I've noticed you've been struggling a bit with multiplying and dividing fractions. Let's get someone to help you really nail that skill."   

Not only does an encouraging tone avoid confrontation or casting blame, it helps your child in setting goals for self improvement.

Engaging Teachers

Once you’ve determined the right course of tutoring, remember to relay information about your child’s progress to the classroom teacher. Most teachers appreciate the extra help in diagnosing areas for academic focus. Tutoring will also give your child’s teacher added insights as to what may have been missed in the class setting.

Assessing your child’s academic abilities is the first step in providing a more productive academic path and educational environment both in and out of the classroom.

“The individualized instruction a child receives through academic testing and tutoring,” says Chad Schwartz, founder of Tutoring Club, “can help resolve the learning gaps that often escape teachers in a classroom full of students.”  

If you’re looking for extra help in understanding subjects, improving grades, and getting ahead in class, Tutoring Club guarantees to help your child succeed. 

For more information, contact: Chad Schwartz Tutoring Club (702) 588-5288 Email: CSchwartz@TutoringClub.com

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